Saturn vue, '06 - noisy ride

i like the car a lot!

but i’ve never had such a noisy car.

wind noises, squitchy noises around windows, wind whistles by sideview mirrors, hard plastic interior trim rubs and rattles, groaning brake petal, thumps as it travels over minor bumps, etc.

saturn service has worked on the noises, but they all remain in one form or another.

any ideas?

It’s as simple as it always was; you can’t fake quality for long. There are a lot of noisy cars on the road. Cutting corners has been the standard for GM for so long that I am surprised all their offices aren’t round. There is no solution to the noise problem unless you can find fabric belted radial tires. I have had tires that weren’t noisy, but that was in the seventies.

Nothing solves everything, but WD40 comes close. A tiny squirt in the grooves between plastic trim pieces inside the car helps with the squeaks and rubs and ticks. Otherwise, turn up the radio or wait til old age helps you lose the ability to hear the high pitched noises.

yup…small squirts of wd40 or silicone sprays have helped for short periods…never thought about different tires!
saturn did a lot of warranty replacements and refittings - probably costly - and mostly to no avail.
but that is all tedious and time-consuming for me…for instance, it took 4 or 5 return trips to finally get the ignition switch fixed - then i find out later that its a known problem and the solution is simply complete replacement of the ignition cylinder.