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Rims/Tires for a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM

I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM. I have aluminum rims and the chrome is seperating causing all my tires to go flat. I’m trying to find cheap used rims. My tires are P215/60/R15 and from online I believe my rims are 15"x6" with 5 x 115mm bolt pattern. Some people talk about the offset but im not sure about my rims.

I emailed a craigslist ad that had 1999 Chevy Malibu rims that I think are compatable. Will they work with my car? I also found 16" CTS rims that have the right bolt pattern. Will they work? Will 16" pontiac rims work instead of the cars default 15"? What cars would have the same types of rims could I use?


Shouldn’t be that hard to find matching. If you go to you can see what rims are speced for it. Also (or part-can’t remember) you can do a local or nation-wide search for compatable rims. That’ll give you a good idea of availability or price. Really though, before I’d do anything, I’d stop at a good tire shop and see what they recommend. Most of the time the rims can be cleaned up and a sealer used on the bead to prevent the air loss.

I have been taking in the tires when they start leaking again. They scrape off the peeling chrome and put a whole bunch of sealer on it and it lasts about a year and then it needs to be done again. Because of the leaks I ruined one of my tires. So far I’ve done each of the tires about twice.

I believe the Malibu rims are the right size and bolt config but I’m not sure of the offset.