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Rims for Toyota


I need to replace the rims on a 2008 Scion xD – I’m looking for used rims and need a source to tell me which rims are usable (from other Toyota models or other brands) Is there such a thing or are the rims specific for each car? Thank you!

Well, it can be a little tougher to do with used rims. If you wanted new rims I’d send you to - You tell them what you drive, and they show you what wheels fit it.

For used, you’re going to have to know the specs of the original rim. Here’s the info you need:

Bolt Pattern: 5x100
Center Bore: 54.1
Front: 35-45mm
Rear: 40-45mm

Your wheels need to match those specs. Also remember that if you get a different size wheel from stock, you need to plus-size the tires so that the speedometer will still be accurate. The tire shop can help you do that.

Much of the mechanical workings of the Scion xD are identical to those of the Toyota Yaris.

You might want to check with the parts department at a Toyota dealership to see if the part number for Yaris wheels and Scion xD wheels is the same. If the part number is the same, then the wheels are the same.

If it turns out that the wheels are identical for these two models, this will make your search at auto recyclers (junk yards) much easier.

Wow – that was fast. thank you so much for the info. I really appreciate your expertise!

Great advice – Many thanks!!1

If you want to match the original wheels, try

Thank you!

When I searched for an exact replacement rim for my Scion tC (darn granite curbs) I founbd a number of sites with exact replacements, with prices varying wildly.

Google is your friend.

Gotta love Google! Thanks for the reply!