215/45ZR17 on a stock 96 accord?

will 215/45ZR17 tires and rims fit on stock 96 honda accord

If the bolt pattern is correct, and the tires don’t hit the wheel wells they will fit. You will have to make adjustments to your suspension and alignment to do it right.

such as a different size strut and a basic alignment? or do i need more extensive modifications done. found a great deal on tires and rims of this size. bolt pattern is correct and my struts are shot so i would be getting them new to fit tires if that is all that needs to be done. any suggestions are appreciated

Is the offset of the wheels about the same? Thats a big one as well. I don’t know 96 Accord specifications off the top of my head. All I can say is that if you don’t know what you’re doing or have a person or shop that knows what they are doing, you might just give yourself a headache.

Tire Rack says 205/45R17 would fit, so there’s some chance the 215 might rub. Why not go with 205s??

Is there some problem with the wheels and tires on the car now?? What do you hope to accomplish?? Your Honda beater will ride like a fork-lift with those tires.

I guess they’ll fit…Wife’s 96 Accord came with 195/70R-15.

Assuming yours came with the same size as Texases researched, the 215s will be 10mm wider in section width and very slightly taller. As he said they may rub.

You also need to check the width of your rim at the bead to see if that size will safely take a 215/45-17. Tirerack, 1010tires, or perhaps carbibles.com should have a reference as to what range of tires various rim widths take.

If you get new wheels too, you’ll nee dto be sure the offset and the lug pattern are the same. Www.carbibles.com explains these issues pretty well.

And then…you need to prepare yourself for the cost. That’s my tire size. You could save by getting a lower speeed rating, perhaps an “S”, that carries a max sustained speed of 112mph, or even a “V” that maxes at 150mph. Unless you plan on going faster than that for any sustained period…

this tire/rim combo is used and was on a toyota matrix. it is for sale for under 600 dollars. AMP rims and some kind of les shwab aggressive water channeling tires. 1500 miles on the set. I didnt intentionally choose this size its just a good deal thats hard to pass up if they’ll fit. I have hubcaps. so if the offset is the same they should fit with the possibility of some rub. thanks to all for the two cents.

Yep, you’ll find out quick if they rub. The problem is really the offset. They might fit and not rub, but if the offset’s wrong that throws things off, could put unwanted stress on the front bearings, etc.

1500 miles was all the Matrix owner could stand…Learn why for $600!! What a deal!

I don’t think wheels from a Matrix will fit on your Honda. The hub ring is smaller on the Matrix and I think the Matrix has a 5 bolt pattern, the same year Corolla does, and I know the honda is a 4 bilt pattern.