Can i use P205/70R15 tires in place of the 215/60R15 tires

I have a 99 Pontiac Grand that uses P215/60/r15 on a 15" x 6", 5 Lug, 115mm bolt pattern.
I can get a set of Buick tires and was wondering if I could use them on the Grand Am. Both my rims and tires are in bad shape.

My first question is will P205/70R15 tires work in place of the 215/60R15 tires on my rims?
My Second question is will 96 Buick Regal Rims work in place of the 99 Grand Am Rims?
OK, one more. Will the Buick Rims and Tires work on the Grand Am?

As long as the wheel off-sets are close, (within a 1/2 inch) it should work…You can use as a resource to check tire and wheel options for both cars.

On most of the rim offsets are from 35 to 40mm on both cars. For the Grand AM it lists P205/65R15 for a possible tire but not P205/70R15.

Any feedback or opinions on if this would work or be bad would be apreciated.