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2019 Chevrolet Corvette - Rim defects

With all the posts and class action suit information regarding the bent and cracked rims(wheels) there is no type(aluminum, pearl, black) posted. Are all the rims and wheels defective and I see no solution being provided by GM.

As I read it, they are the rims on Z06 and Grand Sport models. If your rims are the same part number that would answer your question.
You could replace the rims now to prevent a possible serious problem or trade in your car on a 2020 or 2021.

Thanks for the message. But aren’t there choices of what rims or wheels you want when the car is ordered.
I’m considering a 2019 Z06 with pearl nickel aluminum wheels and I have no idea of what the part number is.
Appreciate your answer. Take care.

I said replace the rims, plenty of sources for aftermarket rims.
But since you are looking at a used car, use the rims as a negotiating tool.

Appreciate it. Be Safe. Stay well.

There seems to be a lot of Corvette owners with bent wheels. A vehicle with 25 and 30 series tires will be susceptible to wheel damage, it doesn’t matter what color the wheels are painted.

Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. In the NTSB site, it shows approx
88 or so with the same or similar issue, but they don’t post the type
or tire size with the exception of one with “Cast Alum” and Black rims.

To me anyway, 25 or 30 series tires are not just asking, but begging, for trouble when it comes to wheel rims. Those are sometimes called “rubber band tires” around here.

A few years ago I saw what looked like a slick Nissan Sentra that someone had modded. It was black in color and “riced out” but it had been done very tastefully.

The car had 35 series tires on it and from a distance looked great. As I walked by it I saw that all 4 custom wheel rims were beat all to crap from road contact due to potholes, bumps, and so on.
Lowering that profile from 35 to 25 or 30 just exacerbates a bad situation.


There are parts of the contry where super low profile tires is an invitation for wheel damage.

25 series tires may look cool but can’t tolerate Michigan potholes. You might get away with that in southern California or Florida since the roads have no freeze-thaw that creates the really aggressive potholes.

That said, my Florida based Mustang is fitted with 40 series tires.

Thanks. Trying to find info regarding the Z06 and whether
they only can utilize low profile tires, which I am not fond
of. After checking with Michelin which I thought was the
only tires used, it seems I would have no choice?

@George25 you don’t really have any choice. A smaller wheel won’t fit over the big brakes and the higher profile tires are too big in diameter to fit inside the body.

The C7 is a sports car with a sports car ride and handling. Especially the Z06… a performance upgrade on a performance model.

Any high performance vehicle is going to have low profile tires . Maybe you should either just accept it or widen your search for a sports vehicle . You might even consider a decent restored older Corvette .

That size tire is made by many different brands .

Thanks. Appreciate your feedback.

Thank you. I’m finding that out.