Help me replace my pimped out rims!



I purchased a used 2007 Camry w/ 20" aftermarket rims!!! I want to replace those rims with the appropriate sized rims (16" or 17"), but this car apparently comes with pressor sensors. How do I know if they are still on my current rims? Will there be any issues moving the sensor from the current rims to the replacement rims I purchase (assuming I get rims that accept sensors).


I think your best bet would be an aftermarket rim store, one prbably next to a toyota dealership. I am sure they will have “used” rims off of new Camrys (sp?) and they will know what to do with the sensor if not already disabled. The fast way to know if your sensor is attached is to go to the gas station, let some air out and see if the sensor acts up and then refill the tire to the right pressure.


Your best source for information and maybe price is , you can order new rims and tires balanced and sent to your door.

Another alternative is posting something on craigslist to swap out these behemoths on for factory rims. There is someone who desires these things.

#4 features a huge selection of factory rims that were taken off by dealers. I suggest that you check them out.


Thanks for all the replys :slight_smile:

I have been checking out to pick up some new rims. They will put the sensors on the rims for $100/sensor, but they said you can have a shop move the old ones over. The local shop said they would do it and mount/balance the tire for $20/ea. I guess I am going to have to let some air out to make sure the old owner has replaced the sensors. I’m not sure how to figure out the proper pressure for these tires/rims

Also, thanks for the link VDC, I hadn’t heard of acker before. I will check them out.