Right turn signal NG

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

hazards work all around. left turn signal works OK. Right front turn signal works but back doesnt. Flash seems faster than normal indicating a bulb is out. replaced the rear bulb, twice, and the back still doesnt work. Hazards work ok still. Is there another bulb or relay or wire that is bad?

Most likely a wiring problem under the dash. The hazards use the same bulb, but a different flash unit. The wiring for that bulb is the same, except for the circuit switching under the dash between the turn signal switch and hazards. I’m not familiar with how Dodge does it.

Since the right front is working ok I tend to think the trouble may be at or near the rear light. See if the left side uses the same bulb for the emergency flashers also. If it does then we know the ground to the right side bulb is ok and the trouble may be in the switching area of the dash. It may be in the switch for the flashers if there is a seperate output lead to the right side front and rear lights.