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Right turn signal dead

I have an 03 accord EX. The right turn signal doesnt work at all. I have changed the bulbs and the fuse. The left signal works just fine, while the right doesnt work front or back and the indicator light on the dash doesnt come on or click. Same happens when I put on the hazards. Its like there is no power at all to that side…
Any thoughts anyone??

Replace the flasher unit.

Seems like the flasher unit would make both sides not work?

The unit has separate contact points – left and right.

The way it’s acting does sound like a flasher problem, but many cars have separate flashers for the turn signals and hazard lights. If your’s does you’ve got another problem. Maybe a bad switch??

Thanks. I’ll try the flasher unit. How about a separate problem with my 02 explorer. All power windows stopped working, then worked then stopped again. I unhooked the battery for 15 mins or so and they worked again, but then didn’t the next time I used it. Thoughts?

You should also check th esockets for corrosion and the plugs for proper seating.

Pray that it isn’t something in the “cluster****” switch on the steering column !
They aren’t any easier to troubleshoot than they are to replace.( hint!)
I would have the circuit panel checked first…and hope for the best. :wink: