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Right door speaker doesn’t work when it’s cold

My right door speaker doesn’t work when it is cold, but when the weather hits about 50-60 degrees it will work. Any way to fix this???

If you have the Bose system, you may need to reseat the audio cables at the amp.

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I have an jvc system.

Inspect the cable that goes from the audio system output to the door speaker. Look for corroded connectors, loose connectors, pinched wires, etc.

For what it’s worth, I don’t want to work when it’s cold either… :smiley:

as others said- recheck the connections at the speaker and amp, and even the back of the raido if need be.

I had this issue once in my truck, and the fix (after I got the dash apart and pulled the radio out) - was a loose connection on the bottom of my ipod… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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My personal cutoff limit for working is around 25 degrees…especially outside and with steel hand tools, its no bueno, I assure you. Not always avoidable when I get an emergency service call for a piece of Heavy Equipment that is down in some way. Its a rough life, but somebody has to do it…how else would I make the “heavy paper”? I didn’t go to Med school sadly…but I digress

I would do as the others have suggested and do a reseat of your connection…however…from my experience in another life as a Pro ICE installer… Most times this happens is either when the speaker coil is contaminated with water, the speaker cone or foam surround are distorted by water and temp…and or a broken (within wire casing) wire going to the speaker and usually inside the rubber conduit in the door jamb…fun stuff. Few people consider how wet the inside of your door actually gets…and some guys install speakers and toss the plastic “umbrella” that used to protect the speaker in the door… all sorts of mayhem I tell you.

Can be many things…but I’d start at the connections…its easiest and common.

While you are in there, why not upgrade the speaker in the door? Some nice two way’s maybe?

Do you have the Bose speakers? If not and you still have the OEM speakers and you recently installed the JVC, you will soon blow out the factory low end speakers. The aftermarket head units like the JVC typically put out 20-25 watts RMS per channel and the base speakers that came in this car can only handle about 4 watts.

If you have the Bose speakers, then you also have a Bose amp. The connection between the head unit and the Bose amp are RCA cables, but the output of the pre-amp aftermarket head units on the RCA connections are only around 2 volts peak. That is not enough to power the Bose amp as it is looking for a 6,5 volt peak signal. It will work in some cases but the volume will always be low.

Some people have been known to use the speaker output of the head unit to the amp to get sufficient volume, but because the speaker cables are not shielded, there is a lot of noise.

If you are using the base OEM speakers, the upgrade to better speakers will be well worth the cost.