Left side of audio randomly cuts out at low volume

Let me say this first. I know close to nothing about car audio.

Sometimes in my 2003 chevy s10, the whole left side of my audio cuts out. It will especially cut out at lower audio and will turn back on after I crank it up A LOT. Im not sure if it has to do with my subwoofer, or bass in general but I notice it comes on whenever the bass/subwoofer hits. I thought possiblt it was a loose speaker wire? But its the whole left side that cuts out (dashboard and door speaker), so im not sure where else to check because I know nothing about car audio and had a shop tune my amp and sub. Any suggestions on what it could possibly be?
Any help will be extremely appreciated.

Have you made any other changes, like an amp, updated stereo, etc? Your shop only added a sub?

From the description, it sounds like your stereo’s amp might be failing… perhaps overloaded by the power draw? I’d try pulling a wire to the sub (temporarily) and see if all plays. If that cures the prob, talk to your stereo shop. They’ll probably recommend an amp for the sub. If not, they’ll probably recommend a new stereo and amp.

Sorry, I’m not an expert, either, simply had stereo upgrades in my cars since… well, since before reverbs were cool and the 8 track/cassette war.

My theory is that this speaker is wearing out, and is on its last leg. It’s probably time to replace (or upgrade) both speakers. They’re not expensive, and it’s something you can probably do yourself.

Edit: Oh, if your dashboard is cutting out, it’s probably something else.

Oh sorry,
I forgot to mention that the dashboard speakers are smaller JL? Brand speakers. I think the door ones may be stock. And as of the amp is a eclipes 1000 single channel I believe. This setup has also been in my car for a while now easily 6-8 years. I’ll try disconnecting the subwoofer and then try replacing the speakers myself. I’ve been procrastinating replacing the speakers because of the tight space between the dash and windshield. I think GM installed the speakers then the glass

If you have speakers in the door, that might be where the problem lies. To get the speaker signal to the door from where the radio is a wire has to run through the hinge area of the door. Opening and closing the door will eventually damage that wire. If it breaks then there’d be no sound from that door speaker. But if it breaks and shorts out, all the speakers on that side (right or left) might turn off. Take a look at those wires in the door hinge area. You may have to remove the door panel and poke around inside there too.

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If they are the original ones from GM, they are notorious for putting in cheap $10 standard speakers and you can count on replacing them down the road . I have replaced all 4 in mine due to them cutting out or no sound at all . Put in Pioneers a number of years ago and never had another problem .

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I was thinking that, but wasnt sure because of the dash one too. I didn’t know the door one could also effect the dashboard one. Thanks