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RF Squeaking/Scraping noise

2001 Ford Focus ZTS manual. Squeaking/scraping is the best that I can describe it, happens sometimes while driving maybe 20 mph. Also makes a rapid clicking noise when starting from a stop, groaning noise with engine on/off while turning wheel from same area. I did pads/rotors last year. I had play in the wheel, axle nut was loose, tightened and went away. I can’t find any problems.

It can make some noises under heavy braking and it was making noise from moderate braking, I’m guessing that’s my cheap rotors.

Its possible that your wheel hubs are bad. To check those, make sure your wheels are properly torqued on. Lift the car off the ground with a jack, and support it with jack stands. Grab the wheel from the top, and push and pull. If the wheel seems “loose”, bad wheel hubs may be the culprit. Good luck.

I checked the obvious stuff.