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Clicking while braking and turning right

Patient: 2002 Ford Focus SE
Mileage: 140000

Symptoms: When turning right, especially at low speed while braking, it makes this rapid clicking noise, disappears once you let go of the brake.

In the past when it made this kind of noise, usually goes away after I made sure the brake pads clips are securely clipped around the caliper, but it’s not working this time. No noise while braking going forward or turning left. Seems to be worse at lower speed and any right turn can bring on the noise, does not have to be a full-lock turn.

So far what I’ve done: Made sure the brake pads clips are secured (horribly designed), lug nuts are torqued at correct spec, no obvious broken linkage, bar, arm, coil, or CV boots under quick inspection.

Could this be the CV joint? Ball joint? Bushings? Bearings?

Classic CV joint failure. You may need to rotate the tire with the wheels turned to the right to detect it.

Why does it only happen under braking?

Inertia from braking may put the pressure just right to make the worn out parts noisy. And, theoretically, it could do this for a while until further wear makes it more apparent. Sometimes, given the age and mileage, parts don’t break all of a sudden, but degenerate slowly.