Strange clicking/scraping/grinding noise while slowing (with video link)

Hi Everyone, first time posting here. I attached a video of the ridiculous noises coming from my 2007 Ford Freestyle. It’s a metallic-sounding scraping/clicking noise coming from under the car. I usually hear it when I let up on the gas (as shown in the video) and not when accelerating.

I stopped driving the car until I figure out what’s going on. I’ve had issues with the exhaust pipe leaking but I patched it up so I didn’t think it would be the source of the problem but I’m not so sure now. I checked for loose rocks/rust in the rotors but they’re fine and still have life left in them. The brakes were a little tight-fitting and I thought they might be the source of the issue so I filed them down a bit but still hear the same noise.

My last resort is to replace the the exhaust system and see if that fixes the problem but figured I’d ask people that knew more than me about this stuff before spending that kind of money on a whim.

Any comments at all are appreciated (even if you just say “wow, I have no idea what that could be”).

Ford Freestyle grinding noises video link

P.S. towards the beginning of the video it sounded like the car shut off while driving but I don’t think that happened. Maybe someone else started their car while I was driving by, can’t really remember.

Sounds like a loose exhaust system heat shield. A muffler shop will find the problem in seconds.

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Oh man I hope that’s it. I’ll check it out and probably go to a muffler shop. Thanks a lot!