Reverse Problem

I have a 2001 Honda Accord(Automatic 4 Cylinder, Sedan, 120 K miles). It has a peculiar problem. When I have not driven much and try to Reverse it works fine. So does the other gears.

Now when I drive around 20-25 miles and try to park using Reverse gear it gives huge problem. It lurch but dont reverse much however much gas I give. I have tried changing and jiggling the gear. It seem to go back a bit but not much.

( The problem is acute on hills, but also noticeable on level road)

Took it to Honda dealer they tried it, and they say its not a problem. But they have not tried it after driving 20-30 miles.

BTW all other gears except reverse work fine.

Try leaving it at the shop overnight. Show up the next day and try to replicate the problem in the parking lot, maybe after driving out and back for 20-25 miles. Then call out the mechanic. Sure sounds like a transmission problem to me.

What’s the maintenance history of the transmission? Have you had the transmission fluid replaced at the specified intervals?

How is it at highway speeds in overdrive?? Those Honda 3 shaft transmissions use the 4th clutch pack for reverse. Does it slip at all in overdrive??