Clunk in reverse

I have a 99 Honda Accord V6 with 114,000 miles on it. Lately when I put it in reverse it clunks and then goes into gear. But this only happens when it is cold outside, and only the first time of the day that I put it into reverse. Am I headed for an expensive transmission repair?

I make the grand leap it is an auto, try going from drive to reverse and back again with your foot on the brake, if it clunks both ways it may be a way cheaper U joint.

If this was a RWD model, I would agree with you. Since the Accord is a FWD model, I think that a transmission problem is the likely cause.

ncgood–When was the transmission fluid last changed??

Possible causes; transmission, fast idle, CV joints worn, broken and/or loose motor mounts. I had a clunk going into reverse that was a broken mount securing the transmission, that was on a Volvo. You’ve got a few things to check out.

When your motor is cold it idles faster than it does when it is warmed up. Perhaps the fast idle when cold is contributing to why you hear it in the morning then it goes away as the car warms up.

Are you having any issues with Overdrive (4th gear) when cold??


I believe the transmission fluid was last changed a year ago.