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94 Honda Accord, Transmission? What aspect?

I cranked the car this morning with no troubles electrically. When I put it in reverse there was a 3 second delay before it engaged. We backed up slowly, almost no power. It delayed going into Drive as well. After she drops me off for work (it did fine at highway speeds) it had trouble engaging in first gear. Every time you stop it delays going back into gear. I took off work, drove it home with it doing this all the way home. When I went to back it into the driveway it did not engage reverse for about 8 seconds. Then it slowly allowed power to get to the transmission to back it up. What is my problem or potential problems? With 225K miles is it time for a new car?

First thing is first… How is the fluid level??? What does the fluid look and smell like?? With that kind of mileage and the fact it is a 14 year old car, it may be telling you its time to overhaul. The pump is probably worn out on it. You can take it to a trans shop and have them diagnose it with a line pressure guage but I think your end result is going to be the same…


All fluid levels are great. The transmission fluid is pinkish red. It does not have an odor. I had the transmission fluid replaced, not flushed, about 1.5 months ago.

The dealership said that it is the transmission but they don’t know exactly what is wrong with it. The diagnostics did not yield anything. My timing belt was too tight (I just had it replaced and told the guys but they said that it was fine) and the seals are leaking on the engine housing unit in the front and rear. We are going to not fix it and sell it as is to whoever will take it. They found a used transmission for $1500 but I don’t want to pay for it only to have to have the seals replaced in another six months. We are moving on to something else.