Lost audio code


I need help in getting a audio code for a 2000 Honda CR-V. Battery was replaced and now doesn’t work as a audio code is needed.Obviously i don’t have the code. Thanks


it is in the radio sound pamphlet that was in the new car handbook.

as an alternative, call your local honda dealer, and ask them.


If you don’t have the code, you have no alternative other than to visit the Honda dealer. They will probably want money for something they should have provided when you bought the vehicle. Make a fuss! You should not have to pay to have your radio work again.


Then go back to whoever replaced the battery and ask why they didn’t do it correctly. There is a way to replace the battery without interrupting the current to the radio, and they should have known that.


I am sure they provided it- how many questions a day is the best response “read the owners manual.” Personally, I have my code locked in my safe. Anyway, you are correct- the Honda dealer should look it up via the VIN. If they try to charge money, go to a different dealer. My dealer (whom I refer people to and have bought my cars from) would never try to charge for something like this.



I guess its the dealer then. Thanks


Ask the Dealer if you will be charged ANYTHING to get the code. If you are charged, you can get a better radio/stereo, CHEAPER, at Best Buy, or, other such shop. Be wary! Dealers are sneaky in finding ways to charge for ANYTHING!


Just remembered. I use the owner resource at Hondacars.com and it has my radio codes. You just need your VIN to register. Free and easy.