Need radio code for honda

Cannot get from dealer - have vin # and sticker number from glove box.

Any ideas?

I wrote mine on the last page of the owners manual. A small hang tag with the number came with the car when new. With a little luck you will find it. If the car is used maybe a prior owner has the info tucked away somewhere.

Why can’t you get it from the dealer, that sounds unusual?

Any Honda dealer service department is the only place you can get the code. You need the serial number from the radio (or, CD player). I have called a Honda dealer, told them I have the serial number, and gotten the code over the telephone. Not every service department will oblige you; so, call other Honda dealers. They will ask you, “Did you buy the car here?”. Don’t lie. They won’t be happy about supplying you with a “free” service, but, they will (probably). On 2002 Honda’s, there is a technique for getting the serial number to appear on the screen. I don’t remember the technique, but, I got it from Otherwise, you’ll have to pull the radio (CD player) out and get the serial number.