Retractable Side View Mirror Motor Perpetually Running

I have a 2009 Honda Civic with powered retractable side view mirrors. Unfortunately one of the mirrors is broken and is perpetually trying to retract (or unfold). Aside from the motor constantly running the mirror functions fine. I looked into replacing the mirror assembly with a new replacement part but noticed that none of the replacement parts feature a blinker on the front cover of the assembly, as the original does. I assume that the wiring is not present in the replacement part so swapping in the old cover would not be sufficient.

Is the scrap yard route for finding a replacement part my best option? Is there an easy way to disable the motor without disabling the other features (the blinker and power tilt adjustment)?

Thank you in advance!

Just unplug it when you get it unfolded and where you want it. You may need to pull the door panel or there may be a smaller panel that comes off to unbolt the mirror.

for the replacements you might make sure they are looking at the right model, the only version of the 2009 Civic that I can find with the mirrors with the blinker is the Hybrid, the others such as my friends 2009 EX sedan don’t have that. Might have been a dealer add-on.