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Replacing passenger side mirror toyota camry 2000

My passenger side mirror had broken off and is now hanging by a wire. I have ordered a new mirror and would like to replace it myself to save the money. I have looked at videos and it doesn’t seem to difficult. Is this something i can do myself, not knowing much about cars? Also during the research for installation i noticed it mentions that your window needs to be down when removing the door panel. My car is old and the power windows dont work so I can’t get my window down. Will that be a big issue when trying to instal new mirror and removing door panel? Any insight would be great, thanks!

Yes, it will be a big deal if your power windows don’t work anymore. Since you are in there anyway, why not replace the window motor and actually make it work?

Sounds like you skills aren’t enough to do this task. why not take it to a shop and get both fixed at the same time?

From my experience it will make it more difficult but not impossible. Most panels want to lift bottom outward (tilting top inward) to free it from top of door frame. With the window in the way, it will require more finagling and force to pop it off. Once off, you should fix the motor as Mustangman suggests. You’re right there anyway making it prime time to address both issues.

The window doesn’t need to be down nor the door panel removed in order to replace the side mirror.


It depends on where it broke.

Thank you so much for the video! I was able to reinstall the new mirror in like 20 minutes. Piece of cake! Thanks again for the share.