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Obsolete Cadillac parts

We need a window track for a 1983 Cadillac Seville. We’re from Northern California, but Cadillac repair anywhere near here. Cadillac says they have none. Junk yard doesn’t have one. Any ideas?

You might want to go online and google “Desert Valley Auto Parts”. This salvage yard in Arizona specializes in old cars. They list their inventory and you may be able to find the part you need for your Cadillac. I was able to purchase a right wiper arm for my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass from them when I coudn’t obtain one locally. They will ship parts anywhere.

Try or

do a web search for used auto parts. There are on line stores that check numerous surplus yards to find the part you want. You might also try eBay.

Other that “get rid of the car assembly” I would say to check with an auto glass place.

Chances are, the same part is used in Buick’s and Oldsmobile’s. Maybe even Chevy’s & Pontiac’s