Resetting computer

2005 Buick Lesabre 3800 v6 After changing oil—How is the computer reset???

For the Grand Am that my brother has (another GM product) you turn the key to the on position (don’t start the motor) and you press the gas peddle in three times for about 3 second each with about a second between each press. Some GM’s have a button to press in the fuse box.

Have you looked in the owner’s manual? Mine for my car has a detailed description of how to reset the light.

Sounds like you’re referring to the oil life indicator. Sometimes when you say “resetting the computer” - it could be interpretted as having your ‘check engine’ light on. Your manual should say how to reset the oil life indicator.

i have a 2004 Buick L custom. go to gage info on left side-- keep pressing button until you come to oil percentage---- then hit reset-- that should do it good luck --hope it helped— make sure you do this after you change oil???

In my 01 Impala, you can do it one of two ways:

The first is through the radio (makes good sense, eh?) which looks like a pain.

The second is by turning the key to ‘On’ but not starting, and then quickly fully depress and release the gas pedal three times in 5 seconds. The Oil Change light should then flash and go off.

Just a dumb question (I’ve not had a GM product in a long long time).

What if you replace the factory radio with an after market radio? Does that mean your change oil light will be on till you take the dash apart and pull the bulb out?