Oil Change


Can someone tell me how in the heck to get the “Change Oil” light to go off after completing the oil change???


You will need to tell us your cars make, modal, and year before anyone can help.


Disconnecting the neg cable from the battery always works wonders. Works for errant “check engine” codes too.


Not the best advice at least for the CEL. YOu loose the codes, but there is still something wrong with the car, you just don’t know what. Will end up with more expensive repairs down the road. The owner’s manual should have info on the oil change light. I have never had a car with one.


It is a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am…THANKS!!!


on my 2000 buick you hold the reset button in for several seconds until it goes off.

Highly recommend reading the owner’s manual, if that fails ask the GM service dept


If the check engine code is “errant” it doesn’t matter if you lose it. If it isn’t errant, it will reurn.


The procedure is in your owner’s manual.

Look under “oil change light” in the index.