Oil light on already?

I got a regularly scheduled 3-month oil change at my regular place about a month and a half ago. This week, the oil change light has been coming on and staying on for about 30 seconds before going off. I’ve checked the oil level and it’s good. Driving conditions haven’t been different, and I’m not remotely close to 3000 miles.

I wonder if the shop may have forgotten to hit the reset switch on the oil light – though the light wasn’t on at the time of the change.

Does that need to be reset after each oil change?


I agree with oldtimer, but I want to add a question:

Are you sure that this light indicates the need for the oil to be changed?

Is it possible that you are looking at the light that indicates low oil pressure?
Please check your Owner’s Manual to be sure.

It may be that they reset it, but it didn’t take - it can be a little tricky only b/c there is no confirmation when it is successfully reset.

Just so you know, the car’s computer has no idea what condition the oil is in. All it does is record specs about engine operation since the last time the light was reset. So it isn’t telling you that the oil is worn out or dirty or anything.

I’m not positive, but I’m almost certain that the reset procedure is to turn the key to on - but not all the way 'til the engine cranks (the dash lights come on) - depress the accelerator to the floor 3 times and then turn the key back off. That should reset it - but the procedure will be in your owner’s manual.

The light says “Change Oil Soon” and nothing more.

That was my main concern if the light hadn’t been reset – that car’s computer COULD read the condition of the oil and that I actually needed another oil change. I was betting on the reset, however.

You probably can’t reset it unless it’s on…So reset it now. Since you are ignoring it, why not just put tape over it?

Three times rapidly, when light starts flashing, start the car.

Your owners manual will cover the procedure on how to turn reset the light.

If like MOST cars it based on mileage interval. On Toyota…5k miles after reset. If I change the oil at 4k miles…I CAN’T reset the it until the light comes on at 5k miles. If I weight until 6k miles to reset it…then the light won’t come back on until 11k miles (at which time I can reset it).

Each car has their own way of resetting this. With my 4runner…I turn the key to the on position while pressing the trip-meter reset button. My wifes Lexus…it has to be in a certain mode then press the On-buttone while NOT pressing the brake pedal and while pressing the trip-meter reset button. Check the owners manual for the specific instructions for your vehicle.