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Change oil reset

I have a Buick 2003 Rendevous. Three oil changes ago, the reset process for the Change Oil message failed ot work. I have asked local mechanics if they knew of a wor around to but none knew.

Process is – turn key to then off depress the gas pedalk 3 time within 5 secs and turn key back on Message light goes out if not repeat the process.

It worked until three oil changes ago.

Vehicle has 47K on it.


Did you make an error typing that up? - b/c the process should be to turn the key to ON - hit the pedal 3x in 5sec, and then turn the key back OFF.

Sorry for the mistype. You are absolutely correct Turn key on, hit gas pedal 3x in 5 sec , turn key off.

That’s the process I have been following. Appreciate your response

I have tried the slow within 5 sec and fast in 5 sec insuring I bottom out but still no luck.

did have a mch who told me there was work around to shut the light off. OBD no codes have no idea why the “check oil” won’t go out. Try try again

I have an Olds Silhouette (same “oil life” system) - I have reset mine several times. But the most recent time I couldn’t get it to take - until something like the 5th try.

I was always confused by the actual instruction which in my manual says something like depress the gas pedal 3 time slowly within 5 secs. And I’m thinking, well how slow is slow? B/c 5 secs isn’t long if I do it slowly. Anyway…this last time I think I was going to fast - or perhaps relatedly not bottoming out the pedal - ? I don’t know, I just kept trying until I got it to take.

Of course, you could also have some other problem.-