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Replacing Window Guide

I have a 1993 Dodge Dakota with electric windows. The window on thew passenger side does not go up straight. After pulling the door panel and inspecting the mechanism, I noticed a small hole on the rear edge of the window…about 4 inches from the top edge of the glass.

After calling my parts house, my hunch was right and there is supposed to be a guide in that hole. They have the part.

now the question!!! My manual does not cover the replacment of this part. Can any of you give me the steps that I need to replace this window guide.



Yosemite, Here Are The Steps . . .

[list]Go to the library, auto store, or online to Helm Inc. (expensive, but official)[/list]
[list]Look at a Service Manual Covering A 93 Dakota.[/list]
[list][/list]Make sure it discusses a window and guide replacement.
[list][/list]Purchase (or use the library’s) Service Manual. Anybody doing DIY needs one.