2007 Pontiac Grand Prix - Blinkah mystery

When i turn with turn signal the high beams turn on

The problem is caused by a short in the turn signal switch. Replace the turn signal switch.


I think it is referred to as the multi-function switch.
A genuine AC-Delco replacement is pretty cheap.


Should be easy to replace. Of course, I’ve said that about parts on a number of GM cars I’ve owned over the years. Spark plugs, alternators, starters; they seemed easy until I started working on them. They always required an offset wrench or some other weird tool that would have made the job a lot easier. As with many obstacles, I beat my head against the wall until the wall fell down. I’m not sure if it was my ingenuity or cursing that did the trick, but there was a lot of both. Well, a lot of cursing anyway. The multifunction switch might be easy, but it was therapeutic to mention it. Other brands are probably much the same, but I have mostly GM experience replacing parts.

I believe that switch is going to be held on by torx head screws. Maybe even “safety” torx heads with the little tit in the middle of the hole. So having the right tool will probably be the hardest part of replacing it!

This symptom is absolutely a clear indication of having low blinker fluid. The OP should go to Advanced Auto or Autozone and get at least one gallon.

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preferably synthetic. LOL


Love the blend ID on that synthetic.

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Right product wrong color high beams means front witch means amber you come up with red for the other end. :roll_eyes:

And also the fact that it works for both type of lights filament and LEDs. :laughing:

You might be able to fix the multifunction switch by taking it apart, cleaning it with electronic parts cleaner, and lightly greasing its sliding parts. Worked for me.