Removing the passenger side headlight fixture from a Dodge 1991 Spirit

I’ve replaced seal beam headlight but never the newer headlight fixtures that use hight intensity light bulbs. I want to remove the passenger side headlight fixture from a 1991 Dodge Spirit – how do you do that???

Unless you are replacing the entire assembly, you just need to remove the bulb from the back. Remove socket, twist retaining ring, and pull out the bulb. Be careful not to touch the replacement bulb with your bare skin.

I want to remove the entire assembly as it has a leak and fill with water after a rain.

A service manual, such as Haynes, would show you, step-by-step, how to remove the headlight assembly. Or you could just look around for the fasteners, but sometimes they are hidden in diabolical places.

I seriously doubt that your '91 Spirit uses high intensity light bulbs. Most likely they are standard Halogen bulbs.

I just got rid of my factory 91 Spirit service manual!

Can you see all the fasteners? Some cars have some almost behind the bumber fascia.

Taking off the amber corner marker light on the fender right next to the headlight might help.

I remember a screw hidden right behind a rubber strip that runs vertically between the headlight and marker, I think down low near the bumper. There may be one more obvious near the top, not behind the strip. Phillips I believe, not torx.

Once these screws are out, the marker just swings away at the front and has a tab that just hooks in at the rear. You just carefully slide it forward.

I’m doing this from memory. I hope I’m ,right. Make sure you can see all the other fasteners first, or you won’t have to bother with the marker light.