Replacing the driver side bumper turn signal in a 96 chevy cavalier


The oil change place could not get to the bulb and told me I need to go to a garage. How much will it cost to replace a measly bulb? What if I just ignore it(There is still a tun signal that works by the head light and the blinker runs faster on that side)?


As a rule, when turn signal lights flash quickly, one light works and the other will be burned out or will have lost contact.


If you just ignore it, people behind you won’t know you’re turning. Not a smart idea. It’s also probably illegal in your state (I know it is in NY), and it gives the police an excuse to pull you over and write you a ticket.

The garage should be able to replace the bulb for under $10. That’s what mine cost the last time it happened.

You can probably replace it yourself. Someone else may have specific instructions on how to do so…I’m not familiar with your car. I believe you can usually access the bulb from the trunk.


is this the front or rear? the front is usually reached from the underside.

the rear is either from the trunk or underneath the bumper.

have you looked in your manual for any info?
i know sometimes the manuals are vague, but some are good in this respect. maybe you could invest in a haynes or chiltons manual for these types of hints. the manuals are available at your local auto store. usually cost between 100 and 20 bucks.


hoffmalr…i owe an apology. please go to the post on the prius and read it. its genuine. sorry for my inapropriate (spelling) response but something bad/sad happened and i took my anger out all wrong. please read. thanks meaneyedcatz


It’s in the front, and there is another turn signal near the headlight, smae side, also in teh fornt. I just wonder if the other bulbs around the car will burn out because of this (they seem to be linked)


The bulbs are wired in parallel, so one burning out won’t affect the lifespan of the other bulbs in the circuit (unlike series-wired Christmas lights that have provisions in the bulbs to keep the string lit if a bulb burns out- the voltage to the remaining bulbs increases).