Turn signal hay wire

Hi, my bumper front left turn signal on my 96 chevey cavalier is sometimes going really fast, but then also normal again.

Could it be something else but a broken bulb?

When it does this, what does the left rear light do? Is the left rear turn signal a dual brightness lamp?

Thank you for your response. Actually, now that I looked at it from the outside: the left bumper signal is off, the left rear and left front go fast. Right side everything is normal. I don’t know what a dual brightness lamp is. To me it looks noramlly bright…

Usually this is caused by a bad bulb. Check all of them to see if any are not working.

Is this rapid blinking caused by the bad buld or is it a signal from a turn signal flasher module that you have a bad bulb? Some cars have this type of bulb monitoring flasher control unit. Truthfuly I did think 96 was early for this type of flasher control but I caught some grief earlier in the year for failing to tell a OP that this type of system exists.

so, with a bad bulb, the signal can blink sometimes with normal speed, too? The fast blinking is intermittent. Sometimes I push the turn signal, and blinks really fast, and then slows down to normal, all in the same signaling session.

That does sound like it MAYBE a bad lamp. Go ahead and change the lamp. Lamps are cheap and generally easy to replace.

Usually when one bulb burns out or is broken, the remaining bulb on that side will quickly flash and will not correct itself.

A replacement of the burned out bulb is what is needed to correct the fault.

If BOTH the front AND rear turn signal bulbs (on one side) are flashing at the same time, I would suspect either bad grounds or bad bulb sockets OR possibly a bad connection at the turn signal stalk (switch).