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Replacing Toyota Pickup side mirror

My teenager is not being too kind to what was my trusty old pickup. How do I remove the passenger side mirror (w/o vent) of a 1991 Toyota pickup - looks pretty easy to install the replacement if I can figure out how to get the broken one off.

While I cannot help with a 1991 Toyota pickup mirror, and do not know in what manner it was broken, I did recently have a broken external left rear view mirror on my 2002 Sienna.

In my case, only the reflecting glass was badly cracked/broken. The frame was still good, and the remote control still worked.

I took it to the place in Edinburg, Texas, which replaced my windshield last year, and they took out the glass without removing the mirror assembly from the car. They cut a new reflecting glass, and put it in. Total cost: $10.

It the whole frame is broken, I have no idea what to do.

Is it attached to the metal skin of the door, or the front corner of the window?

If it is attached similar to this:

Then the base is in two parts clipped together, and you’ll need to be separate them to access the screws holding it to the door.

If it looks more like this:

Then the mounting screws are behind a plastic panel on the inside of the door that is held on by clips, and that needs to be pried off.

Thanks, it is like the latter one so I guess I pry off the triangular panel on the inside of the door.

If you have access to a salvage yard that will let you pull your own part off a junker, then you will have two advantages: 1) save money on the part; 2) practice on the junker so you know what you are doing when you go to your own vehicle. I hate it when I try to pry off a plastic panel and some little, vital tab breaks because I did not know where to pry or push.

Good luck.

Depending on how badly the mirror was broken, you might be able to fix it.

When my little brother got his license, the family pitched in and bought him an old Grand Am. He backed out of the drive and clipped the mirror off on my truck. Didn’t even make it 20 yards. I took off the mirror and looked at the mounting hardware (the mirror is like the second one BustedKnuckles pictured). It is all plastic and I was able to glue it all back together with liquid weld and put it back on. It has stayed that way for the last 6 years with now problem.

Just a thought since the vehicle the truck is 18 years old and you have your son/daughter driving it.

Have the replacement, figuring out how to get the plastic panel of on the inside of the door is my problem now.

double check that you do not need to remove the door trim panel

Thanks. The little triangular panel inside the door popped out by sliding a putty knife under it and twisting. there was a round peg in the center of it and a tab on the bottom. three screws behind it remove the mirror. The after-market mirror I bought, however, ain’t the greatest fit – machining is slightly off so fit is not as flush as the original, but it will work with gasket provided. couldn’t separate mirror from mount either. would send it back if this were a newer or better looking vehicle.