Changing corolla 2002 passenger mirror


I recently did some damage to my Corolla 2002 passenger mirror. I got a replacement mirror and I would like to do the changing myself. However, I have not been able to find suitable instructions to change it. Help with instructions would be much aprpeciated.

Thanks much

Does it have a remote control feature?? These can be tricky…Step one is removing the inside door panel…

yes it is a power remote window. and the thing is I have been able to remove the small panel that has the bolts for the mirror, however I need instructions on how to remove the door panel to disconnect the mirror.

On some vehicles you’re supposed to remove the inner door panel to access the bottom nuts, but I’ve managed to change them without by using a box end wrench and needlenose pliars…and without losing them down the hole. I’ve reinstalled the nuts using the same box end wrench with a piece of strapping tape to hold the nut in place…and some delicacy.

If you really need to remove the door panel, Haynes manuals have good instructions. You could also call the dealer parts department and request an “exploded view” drawing of the door.