Fixing Olds Alero mirror

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero and the passenger side mirror is broken. Basically, I hit a fence and the component that holds the mirror glass fell off (along with the glass). The mirror structure is still in tact. I’m trying to figure out how to fix it - do I need a whole new mirror? If so, can I replace it myself with little car knowledge or should I take it to a mechanic? If I knew what the part was called, I could try to find it. Does anyone have experience purchasing parts and taking them to the mechanic to install? Thanks.

You need a whole passenger side mirror, best bought used from junk yard. Check on or call you local junk yard. Also check on ebay. Changing is not difficult, usually there is a plastic cover from the inner side and three nuts under it. Is this a power window?

If you still have the part that fell off (that the mirror glass was fixed too) you can have the mirror (only glass and silver backing) replaced at any shop that does auto glass. If when it fell off you left it there, you are SOL and need to buy a whole new passenger side mirror.

It is a power window and a power mirror.

I don’t know what happened to the part that the glass was fixed to. I had glued it back on with a silicone adhesive and one night when I was driving home, I noticed it was gone.

But a mirror. You can do it, pull the interior trim panel off and there you go.

I meant buy a mirror.