Directional Bulb replacement

I have a 1996 Ford Crown Vic. Passenger side front directional is out. Purchased bulb. Removed front lens set screw but can’t pull the lens out the rest of the way. What is the trick for removing the lens without breaking it ?

Does the owner’s manual have any information about bulb replacement? It might have a diagram showing you how to do it.

why not call parts/service department at local dealership?

Maybe it is accessed from the trunk?

I have the manual in the car. Thanks for the idea. I hope the info is there.

It’s the Front directional bulb on the passenger side.

From the interweb, that world wide wiver if infowmation.

The front parking light and turn signal are separate filaments in the same bulb. First remove the plastic access panel, under the hood and behind the headlight, that gives you access to the headlight bulb sockets. This allows you to see the two 7/16 nuts on the studs on the parking light housing. Remove the nuts. Remove the phillips head screw on the outside lower rear corner of the parking light housing. The housing is now free. Pull it straight our from the fender. Turn the light socket slightly and remove it from the housing. The bulb will pull straight out from the socket.

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Why not call a local independant, spread the work/freebies around a bit.