Can't change a headlight!(96 Neon)

It seemed like such an easy thing to do… I need to change the bulb in the driver side headlight of my 1996 Plymouth Neon. I have no idea how to get to it!!! HELP!

There seems to be no room at the back of the headlight to get to the socket ( I thought my hands were small enough). Yet I don’t see how to get to the bulb from the front…

Any help/advice is much appreciated!

Sandra :slight_smile:

It can be difficult to change the headlight lamp on some vehicles.

Sometimes the battery or air filter box needs to be removed to gain access. Sometimes access can be gained from underneath. Or in the case of my daughters Celica, you have to squeeze your hand/arm between the fender well and fender.

Also, don’t handle the new bulb with your bare fingers. This leaves oil deposits from your skin on the bulb which creates hot spots on the bulb. And this shortens the bulbs life.


Yeah, I did this one time on a 1995 Neon. I agree it took me much longer than I thought it would because there is so little room to work back there. You’re correct, it’s done from the rear. There is a locking ring that must be done first. Then a lot of wiggling is required. As I recall, there is no special trick to it, no special tools needed. Just have a lot of endurance.