Changing 1998 Town Car Bulb

Ok, I can replace a head gasket, intake manifold, and heater core, but something as simple as a light bulb has me puzzled. Yes, I know, it’s pathetic. I have a 1998 Lincoln Town Car and need to replace the little side bulb next to the larger cornering lamp. I’ve looked and looked and cannot find any access panel to get to the bulb. I thought of pulling the front clear bezel covering the entire headlight and other lights but I’m not sure if this is where to access the bulbs. I do see two plastic clips holding the bezel but haven’t lifted them. I don’t see a way from underneath, either. My Haynes manual is not clear. Thanks.

If it’s like a Taurus or Sable, you have to remove the headlight. No problem, they come out easily with three bolts from the top. One is a long one that you don’t have to remove completely, just loosen it. If it’s not like the lesser cars, then I don’t have any idea.