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Replacing a 2009 Camry Hybrid head unit

My mother has a 2009 Camry Hybrid he loves those hard to death and will not switch into something newer. Even though I’m a Salesman at a Chevy dealership. So I’m wondering can I switch her head unit and install a backup camera without messing with the hybrid system. I know you can look at the status of the hybrid system with our turn head unit.

The dealership you work at should have aftermarket contacts that can answer this . There are plenty of addon wireless backup cameras on the market . Next time you go to work walk out to the service department and see who they use . Even BestBuy can put one in for you.

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There are add on rear camera systems available, I would not mess with the head personally.

You could get one with a display that replaces the inside rear-view mirror.

I have seen customers cars that had an after market back-up camera connected to the factory multi-disply. These add-ons are a specialty, it may be difficult to find an accessory shop that is familiar with the availability of these products.

I wouldn’t want to replace the display/audio receiver with a cheap unit and give up the factory features in the display.

You should be able to replace the head unit and then add a backup Camera. And there are kits so you can maintain the cars info. It plugs into the OBD-II port.

Yep, if the only reason to switch the head unit is to add a backup camera, don’t do that. Add a backup camera separately. Shops in your area should be easily able to do that.


You can also look at, a company that makes a strong effort to help you through this sort of decision. I’ve never bought from them, I don’t own or work for them, I only know of their reputation and I’ve messed with their website.


Crutchfield is a great company to work with. They actually care about customer service and have really knowledgeable reps. I’ve been doing business with them for prob 25 years now.

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