GMC Terrain 2010 Apple CarPlay and Back Camera

Hi all,

I have a GMC 2010 and I’m planning on getting a new media player for it (Apple CarPlay). I have a reverse backing camera that shows up on the middle rear-view mirror. I was wondering if I could possibly change the output of the camera to the new media player for my car so it’s a bigger screen. Is it possible? Is it easy?

Anything is possible with enough money. As for easy, nope, no at all. Be easier to get a new car with apple car play.

Go to Crutchfield, if there is an answer to this, they’d have it.

I suspect the factory camera cannot be redirected. An additional camera can be added to display on the new head unit.

A local car stereo shop will probably have encountered this at some point. Ask there if it can be done and how much they’d charge.

No guarantee, but there’s a good chance that the wiring from the camera is already at one of the radio connectors (connector 4), since the navigation radio with video display was an option. There’s a connector behind the console that splits the camera wiring to both the mirror and the radio. The camera uses a pink wire (sig +) and a light blue wire (sig -).