2015 Enclave Back up Camera & GM Mobility Assistance Program

I am frustrated with GM. 2 months ago I purchased a brand new 2015 Buick Enclave. I am disabled and the GM Mobility Assistance Program offered to reimburse me for $1,000 of the cost to install a Power Lift to the back trailer hitch to carry my mobility scooter. I asked prior to the installation of the lift if it would affect the rear back up camera and I was told it would not be a problem that the dealership would simply move the camera for me. This was not true. Not only is the dealer unable to move the camera, when the dealer called GM technical support they were told they didn’t know how to move the camera either. I took my car to 3 different Buick dealerships and each dealership said they could not help me and referred the car to 3 different audio/car stereo stores to install an aftermarket camera. Which would have been fine, except the three different stores all have different ideas on how to move the camera. The first place I went to said they would simply hardwire a new camera into the existing system. The second place said they would use a converter module box that would bypass the existing wiring harness and you can unplug it if you ever needed to and restore the original system back to factory standards. The third place I took the car to, said it could not be hardwired and to do so would damage other components like navigation. They also said that it would require a converter module but they are not sure that the module is available yet for the 2015 Enclave. I have also been given multiple GM part numbers for the camera 23208541, 23266557, 23340011 and 22885399. No one can tell me the specifications for the camera currently installed in my Enclave. All 3 audio shops want to sell me different cameras, one says I need night vision, the other says low light, wide angle, non wide angle. How the hell and I supposed to know if I can’t get GM to tell me what the specifications were for the camera they installed in my car at the factory? Also do I go with the shop that wants to hardwire or use the shops wanting to sell me a converter box. Which option is less likely to damage other components or my car? I have the build sheet for my car and it has a code UVC-Camera Rearview. I have tried calling GM directly and been transferred from department to department. GM Mobility has agreed to pay 1/2 of the cost to move or add a camera , however they tell me if will void the warranty,

Can someone please HELP!

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Moving the camera will only void the warrantee on the camera and associated equipment, i.e. the audio system if the backup screen is part of the radio, but it will only void that part of the warrantee IF GM can prove that the move was responsible for the malfunction. The rest of the vehicles warrantee will still be intact.

The camera is mounted in a hole in the trunk. Off hand, without seeing installation myself, I’m having trouble seeing why a new hole can’t be drilled and the camera moved. The only drawback is that if rust forms around the new hole, it will not be covered by the rust warrantee, The rest of the vehicle will still be covered, but not the area around the new hole, and a lot of audio shops (probably all of them) will not know how to properly protect the metal around the hole.

An option would be to install a complete aftermarket backup camera meant for vehicles that never had a backup camera to begin with. I did this on my Subaru. I got a kit from Costco for $99 (on sale, reg $119). The camera is wired to the backup light and the screen plugs into the power outlet (cigarette lighter socket). The link between them is wireless.

The install instructions call for drilling a hole in the trunk lid, but I removed some plastic trim, found a hole under it that had the factory rustproofing around it so I could run the wire through it to the rear backup light. I drilled mounting holes in the plastic trim. The wire connectors they provided did not work so I had to cut into the cars wiring and use real spliced to get a good connection.

You would need to find a really competent shop to do all this, but its a complete kit and does not void ay part of the vehicle warrantee, if done my way. The camera can be mounted anywhere. BTW, this took me about 8 hours to do, but that included a lot of experimentation so having this done properly would not come cheap, but it is doable.

Finding a location for the aftermarket screen is another issue with todays crowded dashboards. It comes with a suction mount to attach it to the windshield, but that blocked my view of cars to the my right at a 4 way intersection. I use a pocket in the dash, but it is lower than I would like and sometimes the screen falls out of place, but overall it works.

Last comment, there are shops that specialize in modifying handicap vehicles to meet the customers needs. I would start with one of these before going to any audio shops.

Hi Keith,
The Enclave doesn’t have a trunk. It’s a cross between a Minivan and an SUV with 3 rows of seats. The back up camera is mounted slightly above the license plate. I have a display in the dash of the car which I would want to use to view the camera feed. The way the car is designed I can’t imagine any other place that a screen could be mounted in the car. Thanks Jeanette

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Get an aftermarket wireless backup camera. Have the camera mounted on the back of the wheelchair lift so that you can easily see how close you can get when you’re reversing.

You will probably want it to be professionally installed because the monitor needs power and it needs to hook into your reverse light circuit so that it knows when you’re in reverse and turns on.

This plan will allow you to keep the factory camera stock so that if the vehicle is sold or ever driven without the wheelchair lift in place, you don’t have to do anything to restore the operation of the factory camera.

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How large a city does the OP live in? There are shops that specialize in converting vans to for wheelchairs and such as shop is likely to be familiar with GM products and be able to find a solution. Perhaps the OP can find one that is reasonably close to where she lives.

I knew the Enclave was an SUV, I referred to the trunk lid for my vehicle and the install instructions. I believe your camera is installed in the plastic strip just above your license plate next to the license plate lights.

A good tech may be able to remove the interior panel from the hatch, then remove the plastic strip and remove the camera and feed it back through the wiring holes for the camera and license plate lights and then relocate the camera up in the rear window next to the third brake light. The dealer should be able to do this.

But I do like the idea of mounting a wireless camera right on the back of the wheel chair lift. Finding a place for the extra display will not be easy though. Good luck.

Some wireless backup cameras come with replacement rearview mirrors with the display integrated right into the mirror. Looks like a normal mirror until you hit reverse, then the hidden screen behind the glass lights up.

True, but then you might lose the auto dimming and compass built into the factory mirror. Just can’t have it all.

Nope, you can’t. Especially in handicap vehicles. The more you need to modify them to accommodate your needs, the less you can keep it looking and acting stock.

When my dad had to go to a full time power wheelchair they had to get a full handicap conversion. That took a very nice looking conversion van and turned it into a weird hodgepodge of adaptive stuff. They had to drop the floor to increase ceiling height, which meant that they had to put blocks of carpeted wood under the pedals so that when someone who could use their legs drove it they didn’t have to hover their feet while pressing the pedals. They had to install a motorized lift which rattled like crazy and looked ugly. There was a big red button on the passenger area sidewall to release the power tiedown. There was a big weird looking switch in the tail light to control the power doors and lift. They added an extra leaf spring to take the weight of all the stuff plus the wheelchair, which gave it a fantastic ride. They even had to put a skid shield on the gas tank since it was now lowered as well, which further lowered ground clearance to where it very often scraped going into parking lots.

All said, if OP gets away with only having to lose his compass and auto-dim mirror, he’s doing pretty well. :wink:

Forget the stereo stores. There are companies that specialize in mobility issues for vehicles.
There are aftermarket cameras that can be mounted in a variety of places.

I really can’t see that it would be that difficult to simply disconnect the wires on the camera and feed it to a second camera mounted somewhere else. Then when its time to sell simply pull the second camera and reconnect the wires. Might be some wire routing and mounting issues but so what? Unless the camera is wireless. Then you gotta temporarily relocate it and plug the hole.