2009 Camry Hybrid 'filter' in trunk

In the trunk of my 2009 Camry Hybrid there is housing suspended from the underside of the deck behind the rear seats in the cabin where the intake vents for the hybrid battery are located. I accidentally discovered the under side of this housing has what appears to be a filter and it is VERY dirty. I have the car serviced every 5000 miles as recommended and was concerned that this ‘filter’ had not been changed. When I took the car in to a Toyota Dealership, they were unaware of this underside and after researching said it was (1) not a filter, (2) not to be serviced, (3) would cost nearly $400 parts and labor to replace. A second dealership was not aware of this same problem.
I have written to Toyota and have not received helpful information. Does anyone have a hybrid sedan and looked at the underside of this housing. It is part of the air flow that is blown on the hybrid battery to cool it.
I want to know if I can take a vacuum cleaner and clear the dirt that way without damaging the surface.

All I can guess is that it must be cleanable since it’s not replaceable.
My 06 Ford Escape hybrid HAS a changeable battery air filter so it makes sense that Toyota has a filter there too.
But not changeable ? that’s odd.
Take a vacuum to it, gently at first to make sure you don’t pull apart the filter media.

I just called my Toyota dealer parts guy and he’s confused as well. It must just be a permanent part of that panel. He’s checking more in to it.

Hmmm, odd predicament. I just bought a certified used 2012 Camry LE Hybrid and I’m still trying to learn all I can about it. Has anyone experienced Ken’s filter stumper in a 2012?

I went to the NHTSA gov website for recalls and complaints/problems and found nothing about it there either.

Annette W.

I’d just get a vacuum hose with a brush and vacuum off what comes off.