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Replacing a 12-volt adapter plug

Not strictly speaking a car question, but an internet search turned up empty, so here goes: I have an electric ice chest that plugs into the cigarette lighter of a car. It can also plug into a wall outlet through an adapter, but only through the cigarette lighter plug in. I believe I broke the cigarette lighter plug that is on the ice chest. Is there a way to replace this? How hard is it to do? Where do I get a new cigarette lighter male adapter? How safe is this for an all-thumbs person?


Any auto=parts store will have a new male 12V plug. Determine the correct polarity of the wires from the old plug when you take it apart and maintain that polarity as you install the new plug…The center pin is “positive”…The original plug may use soldered connections, so you may have to cut those off and use whatever the new plug requires…