12v Adapter for '98 Buick Century

I have a '98 Buick Century that has a working cigarette lighter; however as best as I can tell this is not a standard 12 volt adapter. The socket is about half the size of any electronic item that would use the regular adapters found in newer cars.

I know I can have a mechanic wire an external one, but I’m wondering if I just took out the entire lighter component, could I then put in an adapter? (Looks like I’d have to make the opening wider to fit.)

Could this be a DIY project for a non-mechanic?

What exactly are you planning on plugging in? All cell phones, GPSs, laptops, ipods etc have cigarette lighter adapters available. The cigarette lighter socket in vehicles has been the same dimensions for decades. Not sure what you’re looking for.

This doesn’t sound right to me. If what you say is true, then my first thought is that certainly someone has come up with an adapter that plugs into your socket and provides a standard socket. After all, the market for that would be large. However, after doing some Google searching, I don’t see anything like that available. Furthermore, I don’t see anyone else mentioning that the socket isn’t a standard size, which almost certainly would be the case.

Have you had this car from the start? If not, is there a chance the previous owner took out the factory lighter and put something odd in its place?

I know what you are talking about. Some 12 volt plugs are wider than others, and they won’t easily fit into a skinny lighter outlet.

Yes, you should be able to replace your cigarette lighter with a standard 12 volt socket. Just test the lighter first to make sure you don’t have power going to the lighter. If you have any doubt about it, use a cheap circuit tester to make sure power is disconnected.

I know exactly what you are talking about. I have a 98 Century it came right from the factory with no power outlet it has only a cigarette lighter that is not able to charge electronics, but tucked up under the dash, passenger side you’ll find a group of wires tied together and tagged accessory charging (or something similar) after removing 20 amp fuse (cigarette lighter) pull them down and connect through that circuit it is what the manufacturer recommends.