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Choke for electronics

Long story but I destroyed the 12v plug for my GPS, and discovered it was more than a plug: there was a fairly elaborate protection circuit inside.
Can I buy such a thing? Or does anyone have circuit so I can build one?
I’m literally lost without a GPS, so advice much appreciated.


You may have to buy a new car and tear it out to put in your old car but everything can be fixed for a price.

Seriously, what kind of car is it?

I’m sure that you can buy the part from the dealer. Provide the year in addition to the brand and model. I suppose it it’s really old, you may have to get a used part. You may want to do that anyway.

Often times if you unscrew the knurled knob at the base of the adapter it will contain a fuse that can be replaced. Can you clarify more?

Do you mean the plug adapter that fits in the cigarette lighter, or the cigarette lighter socket itself? Some power adapters have a step-down circuit and fuse to reduce the 12 volt power to something less, like 9 or 5 volts to the accessory. If the plug adapter came apart, many electronics stores should be able to provide a replacement. Check with Radio Shack, Best Buy, or Frys Electronics. Take the GPS with you, and I’m sure they can find a suitable replacement.

Please describe exactly what you are working with here…An aftermarket GPS that plugs into your lighter socket? Brand? Model?