Cigarette Lighter Adapter Broke, Replacements Sold Out Everywhere

Hi I have been using an Insten Two-Way Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter to fit my Craftsman tire inflator into my car’s cigarette lighter receptacle. The tire inflator’s plug is too big for my car’s cigarette lighter receptacle. Not sure if it’s European vs American (I have a 2002 BMW 3 Series) or if it’s cigarette lighter socket vs accessory socket. The splitter/adapter worked beautifully for ~9 months then it broke. Probably cheap made in China type of stuff… but anyways does anybody know of an adapter that achieves the same purpose? I couldn’t find any online. My original thread for this guy is here. Thanks!

Not a clue but how hard would it be to just replace the whole socket with a standard us version. Some assembly required. Otoh that is kind of a high draw for an accessory outlet for phones etc.

I could probably replace the socket but would much rather buy an adapter specifically for the purpose. My mechanic expressed the same concern about amps… the tire inflator has a 15 amp fuse in the plug and the car has a 20 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter circuit. Probably OK?

check on Amazon they have a bunch of different ones. they even have extensions to use with mini portable compressors for people who have trucks that need the extra length

My son has this one that he uses in his Acura. he said he likes it and has not had a problem with it.

If you can’t find one, you may have to resort to alligator clips and connect it directly to the battery.

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I suppose from time to time having an inflator might be nice. I can think of one time. But you can buy a nice pancake compressor for $100. Puts out a lot of air and useful for other things.

Thanks guys. The one mentioned by weekend-warrior has a 10 A fuse… I could probably throw in a 15 A fuse for the tire inflator without problems right? I suppose it would be nice to charge my bluetooth Jabra Cruiser 2 which is a visor clip bluetooth guy but I could get by without that if it would present a problem switching from 10 A to 15 A fuse for charging USB.

There’s more than one way to slice this egg. If the adapter has other nice features or uses that makes it desirable beyond interfacing to the inflator, great. But an alternative fix is to simply buy the mating male connector that fits the existing socket in the car and swap that onto the power cable of the inflator.

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I guess I’m not clear on this. Is there a euro socket in the bmw that is different than the standard us socket? Seems like it.

I don’t think so, all my plug in stuff fits equally well in our Toyota, Dodge, and BMW.

It’s either that or accessor socket vs cigarette lighter socket. See this thread post 2.

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Or buy a cord that fits and swap the ends, buy an end that fits, a little solder and a few minutes you are done. Where oh where is a Radio Shack when you need one :stuck_out_tongue:


And, I can add that, with Subarus, everything plugs-in the same way whether it is the “cigarette lighter” socket in the dashboard, the “accessory” socket in the center console, or the “accessory” socket in the cargo area. I thought that this was true with all makes, but… maybe it is different in different countries, just like with electrical outlets in a wall.

There is still one here I haven’t been in it for years so can’t say if it is still the same or not.

You can also order on line. I have done it several times. They are still in operation and was surprised to see some stores opening up.

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I did have a power outlet with curly cord attached. No idea where I bought it. It was good for keeping the 15’ cord out of the way when using the hand vacuum. I know why you want an inside connection. Low tires in the rain would be my reason. I’d rather keep the battery dry.

I found one just 44 miles from me.

@weekend-warrior Does your son use that for a tire inflator? I called Bestek and was told the cigarette lighter portion of the device is limited to 10 A while my tire inflator is 15 A 12 V, and it’s a bad idea to replace the built in fuse with a 15 A one. Also the guy I talked to said they don’t make any devices, inverters included, that are able to supply above 150 W to the cigarette lighter portion of the device. I might just have to get a cigarette lighter to jumper cable converter cable or jerry rig a different size plug on the end of the inflator as recommended in this thread.

me and my son both have this tire inflator. as far as I know he never has had a problem with the adapter.