How to Add a Cigarette Lighter? 97 Civic

Has anyone ever added a cigarette lighter to an older Honda (97 civic)? I’ve been told that it’s relatively easy, only 2 or 3 wires, and that a generic lighter is inexpensive from a parts store…I haven’t quite made it to the store yet. It would be useful have a cigarette lighter… any help would be appreciated…

The simplest way to go is to buy an adapter that plugs into the existing 12 v receptacle & has a cigarette lighter as well as a 12 volt outlet built in. That’s what I did.
A Pep Boys had the best selection of 12 v accessories in my area.

If your car has a lighter socket/power outlet, you can just purchase the lighter insert and plug it in.

If your car has no lighter socket, you can get one from a parts store, as you have been told, and connect the wiring as per the instructions. Two wires are all you need, one to the fuse block and one to a good ground.

I am sure your car already has a fully-wired receptacle in place. It is impossible for me to conceive of a new car being sold without one. Find it, although it may be camouflaged and covered by a round plug. Then just add the pop-out itself.

Unless you’re saying the receptacle has been removed and you are staring at an empty hole in the dash. Let us know the actual situation.

It’s a 97 Honda, and I can see a 10 year old car being sold originally without a lighter socket.

Maybe so, but even in that case there will be a hole
in the dash that’s covered by a plug, and maybe even
an electrical connector all ready and waiting.

I’m waiting for the day when a lighter and ashtray will no longer be available on cars. People will finially realize that smoking is actually bad for you.

I added one to my 59 VW but like the others, I can’t imagine it doesn’t have the recepticle. Just buy the lighter and try it.

Someone wasn’t kidding when he said" smoking will kill you".

I read in the news (a long time ago) that a driver had dropped his cigarette down between his legs and in the ensuing scramble crashed into a concrete light pole and killed himself.

Which reminds me, of the times the lit cigarette stuck to my lip and my fingers slid off the burning end.

Sure am glad I quit 9 years ago.