Replacement for hose between charcoal cannister and purge valve

I need to replace the short hose from the charcoal cannister to the purge valve. I am not sure how to search for this part. Is it a specific part for the car model, or do I just need to get some tubing for EEC use, bent the correct way and of the correct length or cut-to-fit?

The worn hose has two segments at a right-angle. It connects to the top of the charcoal cannister and has a vertical length of about 1.5". Then a right-angle, and the horizontal section is about 2.5" to the purge valve.

1988 Chevrolet Nova

Yes it is specific to the car model, no you can’t buy one because the car is 23 years past GM or Toyota stocking that part.

It is juat a hose. Find something close in an automotive products supply and figure it out with fittings clamps and universal hoses.

I might try to find a 90 degree elbow fitting and two short lengths of hose.

Since it will carry gasoline fumes, it’d be good to find hose that is formulated for fuel.