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Broken vacuum line. SBC 350 1977 Corvette

Oops, I broke this fitting. But what is it? One end is a hard-line going somewhere in the other end is a hose. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what this is so I can replace it please. SBC 350 1977 Corvette

That’s a plastic vacuum fitting.

Here’s a brass fitting that can replace it.

Click on brass threaded pipe to tube fittings.

Ace hardware probably has the same fitting

Just make sure it’s the proper thread size.


That looks to be to be connected to the intake manifold, and if that hose if it is running towards the back of the car, under the firewall, is probably going to the transmission. If it sports an automatic anyway. If that hose instead goes through the firewall it may be for the HVAC system’s vent doors, power their vacuum motors. My early 70’s Ford truck has a similar gadget that screws into the intake manifold sort of under and behind the carb area, only it is brass on my truck, not plastic. I think Ford calls that part a vacuum manifold port or fitting. On my truck there’s a metal hose that goes from there back to the automatic transmission to the transmission vacuum modulator. Take a look at this link

That appears to be a marine engine and the broken piece is likely a thermal control for vacuum to some cooling system component. If you determine what the hose on the top connection attaches to you should be able to determine what the specifications for the part are.

After a second look with my bifocals on I agree with others that it is likely just a vacuum outlet fitting that should be easily replaced. But it does seem to be a marine engine.

Thanks for the information, I searched Intake manifold vacuum port and they came right up.

Put the effort into finding out where the other ends of the hardline and the hose terminate and it’ll be easy to tell you what they are. Doing so without that information may or may not be accurate.

Just curious… what makes it a marine engine?

in a corvette?

A couple possibilities:

Picture 1

Picture 2

The carburetor is a Carter that I don’t recall ever seeing on a Chevrolet automobile engine but it was used on marine engines.

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The intake and carburetor have been replaced with an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and Edelbrock Performer carburetor. The Edelbrock Performer carburetor is a copy of the Carter AFB carb.

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Corvette tail lights on a Dodge Ram? From the doors forward the body is a 2006-2008 Ram.

It’s actually an all-fiberglass custom body with a corvette engine in the rear: