2008 Nissan Versa - Purge Valve Mean Bad Charcoal Canister?

Does a purge valve replacement mean the carbon canister and filter also needs replacement?

If there are charcoal particles in the purge valve the canister has failed, is that what you found?

Thanks. Mechanic made no mention of that, just . that the valve was not sealing properly.

Btw, this was a pre-appointment quote. ($600&). I’m 78 years old and would like to sound like I Know what I’m talking about!

We all have work done on vehicles , appliances , plumbing and other things without knowing what we are talking about. The key is asking the shop or mechanic why they want to do what they recommend. Pre appointment quote - does that mean you have not actually had this looked at yet.
And as always the option of a second opinion is a good idea.