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Saturn part causing smoke!

Where the heck am I supposed to get a Saturn part as none of the dealerships exist! It’s a maybe 8-inch small hose that goes from the top of my engine to some kinda shaft; the shaft goes to my air-filter. That’s all I need is this skinny hose as smoke is coming up from beneath the hood! Is there a name for this particular hose? Embarassing as heck but I dont think (am I right?) that this will cause any major harm. (I’ve already begun cleaning beneath the hood.) Thanks!

I just bought a similiar diameter hose from home depot cut it to size and reclamped it

Model, year and engine would help. Try calling a GM dealer, if the engine (i.e. Ecotec 2.2 was shared among the GM brands, a dealer may have the part. Check junkyards for Saturns and pull the part.

If the hose is part of the PCV system, fabricate one from fuel line (reinforced) from an auto parts store.

Ed B.

Auto parts stores keep rolls of rubber hoses in stock all the time. Think out of the box instead of thinking model specific. There are also auto recyclers (junk yards) all over the United States.

You can get this hose from any GM dealer, but any 3/8" hose from any auto parts store will do, it does not have to be reinforced. It is part of the PVC system and may be called a supply air hose or breather hose.

If you are getting smoke out of it, you have another problem. Either you need a new PVC valve or your engine has too much blow by, or both.